Romantic gestures spiced up with the right music

Whether you’re celebrating an Anniversary, a birthday, Valentine’s day or other celebration, you want to give your beloved a gift that shows how much you love them. Whilst chocolates, flowers and jewellery are gifts that are welcomed, we’ve got some ideas that are a little more creative and show that you’ve put some thought into the gift that tells your sweetheart “I love you”.

Romance at home

Create an intimate romantic evening at home, without your kids. Enjoy the anticipation of the evening by planning the menu and then prepare the meal together. If time is precious, prepare the meal in advance. It’s a gentle tease to prepare the strawberries dipped in chocolate a couple of days in advance. Cooking together to soft, romantic music can really be a turn on! On the night, dim the lights, play soft music and enjoy. As you’ve the house to yourself, dance to your favourite songs or gift each other a massage, or watch a romantic movie. Have fun and have a truly romantic night. This is also an ideal anniversary present! Since mostly the round anniversary years are celebrated a romantic home dinner is a great 8 year anniversary gift that is easy to set up and memorable enough!

If you want to surprise your partner, leave work early and prepare the meal yourself. Go online if you’re not a confident cook that will really add to the surprise. Set a table with candles and have your favourite music playing softly in the background. Have a simple dessert of sliced fruit and melted chocolate, which may end up in the bedroom with you.

Write from your heart

You’ve told your partner that you love them, but have you told them what it is that makes your heart flutter? This gift takes some time, but it’s likely to be the best gift they’ve ever had. Create a book of all the things you love about your partner and all that you are thankful for. Each day, write something in the book that your partner has said or done that you love. By focusing on all the good things, you will be amazed how easy it is to forgive the irritations about the toothpaste cap or the toilet seat left up (or down).

If you don’t have time to create a book write a love letter in your own handwriting, to tell your beloved just how much they mean to you. Thank them for all that they bring into your life and let them know how much they mean to you. Let your sweetheart know how you plan to care for them in the future and what you would like to achieve together in the next twelve months.

Create a series of love favours for your darling. Fill a jar, box or felt bag with sexy favours that you’ll offer your partner when they pick a favour out of the container – see this for inspiration. Offer a foot massage, a manicure, a shoulder rub, a passionate kiss, a shared bath or shower and of course all sorts of favours for the bedroom. Be imaginative and have fun!

A romantic vacation

Plan a surprise night away together. Make a reservation at a hotel not more than two hours from home, arrange childcare and pack his and her bags. Ask for time off from your places of work and arrange to meet at lunchtime and whisk your partner away. You may want to go to a place that you’ve both wanted to see but haven’t yet arranged or perhaps return to a place that has meaning for you both, such as one of your first dates.

If it’s not possible to leave home, create a gift pack to include new sleepwear for him and new lingerie for her. Add your favourite drinks and candy, some candles and download some romantic music. Your darling will get the hint and you’ll have a weekend of love.

Special dates with the family

If you are celebrating Valentine’s day with family, have a family picnic at home with the kids so they can see the value of family and a loving marriage. If it’s too cold outside, have the picnic on your living room floor. Have fun making decorations with the kids to make it a special occasion. This can become your own family tradition that your kids won’t want to change when they grow up.