I am totally fucking sick and tired of waiting for the debut album from The Castillians. I looked forward to it all summer, and then apparently someone went all Primary School and got chicken pox, pushing the release date back again. Thanks Dave.

Anyway, during yesterdays daydreaming about the new record, I suddenly remembered this EP. It was recorded over a year ago, in one day, by myself and DJ Woodstock at our Sunny Wycombe studios. It never really got used for anything, but it’s actually one of my favourite projects that I recorded. So here ya’ go.

Listen to it below, then download it for free from the PNKSLM Recordings site, and then go straight to ColdRice Records and buy “Here Comes The Castillians.” It’s a 12 track EP of older songs that aren’t gonna be on the real album. I don’t need to say how good it is.